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IMPORTANT NOTE - आयुर्वेदिक औषधियों में बवासीर का कोई इलाज नहीं है। Ayurvedic Medicines Do Not Have Any Cure For Piles.

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हम ईसीएचएस, सीजीएचएस और आरजीएचएस के पैनल में शामिल हैं



जयपुर और दुनिया भर में खुश मरीज़



बवासीर, फिशर, फिस्टुला, पिलोनाइडल साइनस, हर्निया, पित्ताशय और अपेंडिक्स की सर्जरी की



खतना, फिमोसिस, हाइड्रोसील, लिपोमा और चमड़ी का उपचार किया गया



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Special Discount On All Procedures. 15% On Laser & Laparoscopy Treatments & FREE Consultation With Dr Ajay Agarwal. EMI & Insurance Facility Available.

Unparalleled Laser & Laparoscopic Surgery For Piles, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus, Lipoma, Hernia, Gallbladder, Appendix & ZSR Circumcision In Jaipur

जयपुर में बवासीर, फिस्टुला, पिलोनिडल साइनस, लिपोमा, हर्निया, पित्ताशय, अपेंडिक्स और जेडएसआर खतना के लिए अद्वितीय लेजर और लेप्रोस्कोपिक सर्जरी

Situated in the heart of Jaipur, Advance Laser Clinic offers unparalled Laproscopic Surgery to the general population, a mark of excellence in patient care and quality - powered by a state of the art facility with experienced and skilled professionals.

  • World Class Laproscopic Procedures

  • Holistic Approach Towards Surgery

  • Most Sterile & Hygienic Environment

  • Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, is indeed the best surgeon! ⚕️I have been suffering from fissure+ internal piles from about Last 8 years, i met him, discussed everything with him n said Yes to surgery, I'm feeling millions times better after surgery.... no problem at all,no pain , and you will walk next day after surgery without any problem.The doctor, is the best one he's very Frank with his patients, pays attention, gives positive vibes always, you can blindly rely on him, if you are looking for a surgery,do contact him guys, he'll turn your life from HELL to HEAVEN ✨

    Mrs. Sunita Kumari, Jaipur

    Call Now : 7720044008

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    Advance Laser Clinic, Jaipur

    I am Dr Ajay Agarwal. Your Trusted Laproscopic & Laser Surgeon In Jaipur.

    Certified Laparoscopic Surgeon  

    8+ Years of Expertise in Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Abscess,Pilonidal Sinus, Anal Polyps, Anal Warts, Rectal Prolapse, Toenail, Urethral Stricture, Erectile Dysfunction, Urinary Tract Infection, Urinary Incontinence, Balnitis, Phimosis, Paraphimosis, General Uro, Umbilical Hernia, Inguinal Hernia, Incisional Hernia, Hiatus, Gallstones, Bariatrics, Stent Removal, Cyst Removal, and other conditions.

    I've been helping overcome piles problems through technology, knowledge and skill.

    • Performed 1,000 + Piles / Hemorrhoids Laser Surgeries

    • Performed 700 + Fissure Treatments

    • Performed 9000 + Fistula Treatments

    • Performed 3000 + Circumcision & Foreskin Treatments

    • Undergone MBBS degree from Kempegowda Institutue of Medical Sciences, Bangalore and postgraduate MS degree from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad

    • 2+ Years of Experience working as consultant in SMS Hospital, Jaipur 

    I strives to provide advanced medical care in a comfortable and holistic environment for all patients coming to me for treatment.

    Why Patients Prefer Advanced Laser Clinic?

    We are a new age practice where Indian hospitality meets the best that modern laproscopic surgery has to offer. At Advance Laser Clinic, we follow a holistic approach towards piles/fitsula/fissure treatments where we not only treat your surgical problem but strive to restore your general health and well-being. Equipped with modern state of art equipment’s, we strive to consistently provide family friendly excellence in piles treatments. From the moment you make an appointment with us to the time you leave our office, your care and comfort are our highest priorities.


    Most advance US FDA approved equipment's with qualified and well trained staff.


    Cashless Surgery Facility on piles surgeries for individuals and corporates*


    No Cost EMI Facility on major laser & Laproscopic surgeries for individuals and corporates*


    Comparative study certificate from International Journal of Current Advanced Research


    Certificate of participation  from International Association of Diabetic Foot Surgeons


    Certificate of participation from 79th Annual Conference of The Association of Surgeons of India

    Why Patients Prefer Advanced Laser Clinic For Piles Surgeries?

    • State-of-the-art facility with modern & sophisticated equipment.

    • German Made Laser, Most advance laser equipment currently in the market.

    • Expertise in Treatment of Piles/Hemorrhoids, Fistula & Fissure. 

    • Expertise in Treatment of Circumcision, Phimosis, Foreskin.

    • Proven track record of treating patients with problems from Age 1 to Age 95. 

    • Experienced & Highly Skilled Doctors Team.

    • Hassle-free Cashless and EMI facility with administrative support.

    Recognized As Jaipur’s Leading Laser Piles Clinic

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    What Patients In Jaipur & India Are Saying

    Mr. Abhilash Tripathy | Ajmer

    Had such a wonderful experience for treatment of internat & external piles. Dr Ajay is so patient and listens all the problems carefully

    Mr Prabhu Lal Gurjar | Lalbagh

    Dr Ajay & his team is very helpful & very thorough in their approach. My critical surgery was performed with ease by Dr Ajay. Thanks to Doctor!

    Mr Chaubey | Ajmer

    "I am very very happy and elated to recommending Dr Ajay Agarwal. I found him to be very humble & cost effective"

    Ms Puran | Jaipur

    "My 15 years of suffering from Fistula was finally ended by Dr Ajay Agarwal"

    Mr Ravi | Jaipur

    "My phemosis treatment was succesfully done by Dr Ajay. Very thankful to him"

    Ms Mahesh | Jaipur

    "My ZSR Circumcision was perfectly done by Dr Ajay Agarwal"

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Advance Laser Clinic:

    • What is the appropriate treatment for different grades of piles?

    • Piles are treated on the basis of their severity. Grade I and Grade II piles are considered to be mild piles. Can sometimes be healed by using home remedies. Consumption of fiber-induced foods, doing daily exercise has cured piles in some cases. But if the problem is severe, such in grade III or IV cases, it is advisable to approach doctors for proper consultation. Specialists recommend patients to undergo surgery, especially STAPLER surgery & Laser Treatment. Individuals experiencing extreme pain tend to get scared when they hear about surgery. With the advent of laser technology, surgeries have become painless.

    • What are the risks if piles are left untreated for a prolonged period of time?

    • Doctors suggest the following complications if a hemorrhoid is left untreated for long.

      In grade III and grade IV cases, excessive bleeding can lead to anemia. Fecal incontinence or inability to control bowel movement if not treated. Strangulated hemorrhoids can lead to infection or blood clots. In some severe cases, it can lead to rectal cancer.

    • How to treat piles without surgery?

    • All types and grades of piles can’t be treated without surgery. However, only grade-1 piles can be treated without the need for surgery. Medications, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications can help in treating grade-1 piles and avoid the need for piles surgery.

    • How do piles look like?

    • Piles are a group of inflamed and swollen tissues, muscles, and blood vessels in the anal area. They usually look like small, round, and discolored lumps. People with piles may feel the presence of lumps in or around the anus. To know more, consult our piles experts in Jaipur at an affordable consultation fee.

    • Is Circumcision performed under local anaesthesia?

    • Both normal circumcision and laser circumcision is performed under local, regional or general anaesthesia. No overnight hospital stay is required for circumcision.

    • What are the different surgical options available for the treatment of hemorrhoids or piles?

    • Doctors after proper examination recommend sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and in extreme cases surgery. Rubber band ligation is carried out for curing internal hemorrhoids. In this procedure, a rubber band is placed around the base of hemorrhoid which restricts blood supply. In sclerotherapy, the surgeons inject a chemical solution that temporarily numbs the nerves around hemorrhoid that allows scar tissues to form and eventually, hemorrhoid falls off. Stapler surgery is one technique that the doctor recommends. In a hemorrhoidectomy, entire hemorrhoid generally, two types of surgery are carried out- the traditional method and new, advanced laser surgery. The traditional method is considered to be painful and requires repeated dressings. These laser-based surgeries are painless with no cuts and wounds.

    • What is the duration of Laser Piles Surgery?

    • The duration of laser piles surgery can range between 15 to 30 minutes. This duration can change from one patient to another based on factors like the type and severity of piles and the expertise of the surgeon.

    • Can exercises or workouts cure piles permanently?

    • Exercises or workouts alone can’t help in curing piles permanently. They only help in reducing the severity and the occurrence of piles symptoms. In order to get cured of piles permanently, one should undergo surgical intervention and should follow all the lifestyle changes and dietary modifications as suggested by the surgeon.

    • Are there any side effects of Circumcision?

    • Laser circumcision ensures no risk of infection, haemorrhage, or other common side effects associated with conventional circumcision.

    • What is the recovery time after Circumcision?

    • Circumcision is a day care procedure. You can go home same day after couple of hours. You can return to normal work routine in 24 hours.

    • Will it hurt during hernia surgery?

    • Laparoscopic Surgeries are in general quite painless though this may vary from patient to patient. Our surgeons & anesthetists will ensure that you are kept as pain-free as possible during surgery.

    • Is Hernia Treatment covered under Health Insurance?

    • Yes, all Hernia treatments are covered under health insurance. Call today for more information.

    • Hernia Treatment without Surgery - is it possible?

    • Hernia cases require surgery since it requires 'pushing' the protruding organs back in place through the opening & closing the opening with mesh. Hernia cannot 'heal' itself through medicine, homeopathy or exercises.

    • What happens to gallstones if they are left untreated?

    • If gallstones are left untreated, they can become inflamed and can lead to inflammation of gallbladder (Cholecystitis). It may start forming pus inside the gallbladder,the organ could die or it can spread to neighbouring organs.

    • Does Health Insurance Cover Appendicitis Treatment?

    • Yes, all Appendicitis treatments are covered under insurance. Call today for a consultation. Our team of experts will work with you to help determine if you have a medical condition that may qualify for insurance-covered Appendicitis Treatment.

    • What is the Success Rate for Appendicitis Surgery?

    • We deliver 100% Success as the result of Appendix surgery is permanent. Taking care of self with diet and exercise will help sustain the results achieved.

    • When can I get back to work after hernia surgery?

    • In most cases this varies from 3-4 days. This usually depends on the type of hernia being treated, its size and the technique used to treat it.

    • What is the quality of mesh being used?

    • We use top quality mesh, generally the best in the market with negligible chances of infection.

    • Does insurance cover gallbladder surgery?

    • Yes, gallbladder surgeries are covered under medical insurance. Contact our medical experts for hassle free approvals.

    • What to expect after a gallbladder surgery?

    • Usually after a painless laparoscopic surgical procedure people return to the normal routine after 48 hours.

    • What is the success rate of gallbladder surgery?

    • We deliver a very high success rate for gallbladder surgery. Taking good care or health with proper diet and exercise will help sustain the result achieved.

    • What is the Duration of Appendicitis Surgery?

    • Generally, the procedure takes 45 mins to 1 hr and you will get discharge next day.

    • What Happens if Appendicitis is Left Untreated?

    • If Appendicitis is left untreated, there is high chances of getting Appendix Burst which may cause serious issue leading to major surgery and long recovery.

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